Film Clips

Tame Time. Stina Wirfelt. 08:10 mins. 2010

Tame Time looks at the area of Dalmarnock, which will be transformed over the next four years to house several of the sporting events and the athletes’ village during the Commonwealth Games in 2014. The fictional story is told from the perspective of a woman who regularly walks her dog in the area, an activity that makes her think about the past, the present and the future.


Ardenlea St (from Hope, Memories, Loss & Community). Chris Leslie. 14.21 mins. 2011

Margaret Jaconelli purchased her home in 1976 and has now lived alone on Ardenlea St in Dalmarnock for the past 5 years. With the Commonwealth Games approaching, the council are in a rush to demolish the whole street as it is occupying the site where the Athletes Village is to be built. This film updates and extends Chris’s last film on Margaret Jaconelli below.

For filmed event and discussion at Document 9 human rights film festival see here

Ardenlea St in Dalmarnock is the site of the new Athletes Village for the Commonwealth Games. Margaret Jaconelli purchased her flat in 1976 and she and her family have lived alone on Ardenlea St. for the past 5 years. All the other tenants were rehoused and now the council are threatening to evict Margaret and her family. Her story can be viewed in the film clip below:

A film by Chris Leslie


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  3. Keep on your high heels, Margaret. You are a living legend, and some of the Council history will have your name on it. Bless you for your fight. Where are the young ‘uns to help you out? Bless your nerves of steel. It’s another generation now. If only they would stand up for YOUR rights, then they would keep some rights for themselves. Blessings upon you. Stand strong.

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