Posted by: gamesmonitor2014 | May 21, 2010

CG2014 budget increases again to over half a billion

Another budget leap

In November the games organisers told us that the budget was increasing from £373 million to £454 millon. Now the budget has been increased again to an estimated £523.6 million – a 40% increase from the original estimate.

The first increase was put down to staffing and broadcasting costs, with the latest increase being blamed on inflation. As council funding cuts force community centre closures and failing grants applications for grass-roots sports organisations; and with public sector pay cuts of unprecedented proportions on their way, these excuses will find short shrift with Glasgwegian and Scottish taxpayers left to foot a half billion bill for 12 days of sport.

As our previous post shows, the ‘legacy’ from this expenditure of public money, despite the hype, is far from guaranteed. And remember, there are still four years to go. What will the final bill look like after 2014…

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